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(Will-o' the-wisp and line dancer)

The feeling of being enclosed within oneself, not being able to reach out to the environment or to get out of oneself with such force that it explodes. These are usual conditions at Tobias' Farm. But behind all the frustration is the joy and laughter that so often pop up. Sometimes it has felt like seeking contact with the unconnectable, even though there has been very good communication only one has had the patience. Getting to meet these amazing people has been very rewarding. Memories that I will always carry with me. Moments of joy and moments of chaos. You have taught me so much. The pictures in this book are from 2003-2005.

ISBN: 91-85301-04-3
Copyright © Dan Isaac Wallin, Rune Lindström (text) & Bokförlaget Augusti
First edition 1 000 copies