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Pacifico / Limited edition book with print.
The slowly shifting scenarios in a landscape have always fascinated me: it is pure meditation to be outdoors, remaining in the same place, simply focusing for long periods of time on the horizon and scenery. Our sight is fixed but the view is constantly changing. I love that feeling and try to translate it into photography.

The photos in this book were all taken in Baja California Sur, Mexico, from the same mountain peak. I hiked up with my camera and Polaroid films to watch the mighty Pacific Ocean and photograph it daily for a couple of months between 2016 and 2018. Early in the morning, at midday or sunset. The sea oscillating from calm and gleaming to dark and roaring. No one day was like another.

My Pacifico pictures reflect the human need for silence and contemplation. A state of mind where the flashing impressions and stresses of everyday life are far away. What remains are our original values, roots and tranquility. What could be more elementary than the ocean, the mountains and the earth?

Dan Isaac Wallin

ISBN 978-91-639-9051-6
Copyright © 2018 Dan Isaac Wallin, Shiva Das & Mercy Ananda.
First edition: 500 copies

A limited edition of 40 copies each signed and numbered by the artist, has been issued in a slipcase including a pigment print with one of four images selected from the book. Each image is available in 10 copies.
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